Time of the Blind Beast

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He was once an officer in command of the king’s army and a war hero who led his people to victory in the War of the Roses, a knight and gentleman of noble birth of Valdemaera.

Until she caused him to go blind.

The man grew cranky and unruly, and shut himself away in a remote villa. The people called it the Mansion of the Beast. Late at night, she knocked on the mansion’s door.


“Do you know who broke my eyes?”


“A maid just like you.”

A hand cupped her cheek, then passed over her chin and grabbed her neck. She coughed raggedly as her breathing was squeezed out.

“Do you even know how she broke them?”


“She poured poison into my eyes.”

The pressure pressing down on her hand was heavy.

This is the weight of my sins. Even if I spend the rest of my life helping him, I will never be able to erase this karma.


“Meeting you is the greatest luck of my life,” the man whispered.

“Next time, we’ll both walk this path with our eyes open.”

Next time……. She pursed her lips and tried to pronounce it.

Will there be a next for us?