Swamp of Temptation

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Rachel realized that this world was an erotic BL novel she had read in her past life. She is the main character, fiancée to Lionel, who is about to die. But Rachel deludes herself into thinking that she can win his heart and change her fate.

After marrying Lionel, everything falls apart: forced sex, the disappearance of her brother, and the destruction of her family. Eventually, she takes out her anger on her husband’s lover, Jeffrey, and abuses him so viciously that she dies at Lionel’s hands…….

And the shocking truth she is told.

“Your brother’s disappearance was at my hands, as was your family’s, all of whom were caught up in treason.”

She thought her life would end with her death, but she woke up to find herself nineteen years in the past. Can Rachel protect the people she loves and get revenge on Lionel?

In doing so, Rachel finds herself entangled in a swamp of temptation with three men: Nicholas, Rachel’s lover before her regression; Jeffrey, her husband’s lover who was abused by Rachel; and Simeon, who betrayed her family with false testimony.

“You won’t regret this, will you?”

“Never. Please, do as you please.”