In This Life, I Will Be Your Dog

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Her sword skills were so great that she was hailed as the “Goddess of the Sword,” but her position was merely that of a “dog” of the imperial family. The titles that followed her were terrible: the imperial family’s loyal dog, the Empress’s hound, and the Crown Prince’s mistress. 

Nevertheless, to fulfill the final order of the imperial family, Bellona killed the ill-fated Prince Cailus, who was exiled. But all that awaited her was betrayal and death.

Returning to five years ago, Bellona vows revenge on the imperial family for destroying her life. But then the man she killed with her own hands appears before her eyes, intact and alive.

“I will be your loyal dog. If you refuse, I will take the Crown Prince’s hand.”

“You don’t understand. I never thought a dog would have the arrogance to think it could choose its master.”

The plan had gone completely awry.