Don’t Ask, You’ll Get Hurt

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“You’re not even dating Young Duke Macmildon, and you’re trying to keep him all to yourself. How can you do that? That’s too much. You’re so selfish, Lady!”

It was a ridiculous question, and the selfish one was the woman who only said what she wanted to say just now. There was no need to be polite to someone like that, so Chloe ignored her and walked away.

The pink-haired woman’s cries that echoed through the air, like the wailing of a ghost, were very unpleasant.


An absurd situation left her no choice but to doubt her eyes: the strange pink-haired woman she met a few days ago was staring at her in the mirror, and her real body, Chloe Elena, was lying with her eyes closed.

Before she could even figure out what the hell was going on,

“Who are you?”

A sharp gaze, a low, cold voice. If words could hit people, she’d be hit with dozens of them. It left Chloe unable to say anything.

But she couldn’t stay like this forever. She had to say something, anything, to clear up the misunderstanding.


“I’m Chloe!

But in this pink-haired woman’s body, there was no way she would be believed.

Chloe had to think fast. A way out of this crazy reality.